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Pricing Management

Move to the Head of the Pack

The Pricing Manager Application provides a single, Cloud-based repository for all pricing data, deals, and related information that can be leveraged by your entire organization through a convenient web platform. Built specifically for the unique beverage alcohol vertical, this easy-to-use application helps you to get your arms around complex pricing processes to make the smartest business decisions possible.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlining the pricing development and approval process with built-in workflow resulting in improved institutional control and transparency
  • Transforming data into strategic information to help you understand more clearly distributor gross margins by product and market
  • Facilitating a quick pricing response to business opportunities with distributors and retail partners

The Pricing Manager Application enables you to:

  • Compare pricing by brand, territory, or customer so you can identify deals that are consistent, or inconsistent, with your company strategy
  • Gain a comprehensive view of deal and distributor performance by linking to corporate financial and depletion data
  • Model the impact of various pricing decisions on your gross margins, your distributors’ and retailers’ margins
  • Maintain historical information to understand how pricing is created and deployed and determine which deals work and which do not
  • Leverage historical data for easy reference and analysis
  • Copy data easily from one customer to the next, from one product to the next, and from one year to the next, rather than building pricing from scratch each time
  • Administer taxes and freight from a single location to ensure accuracy and institutional control
  • Determine frontline and deal pricing by state, distributor, market, brand and product
  • Set deals on or off by month
  • Set deals by volume threshold, trade channel, shipping point, and type (DA, SPA) to lay the groundwork for improved bill back reconciliation
  • Configure, model and execute free goods deals more accurately