Information Solutions for the Beverage Alcohol Industry
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Depletion Data Collection & Reporting

Information your way

TradePulse’s Depletion Data and Reporting System collects, cleanses, and delivers depletion data from hundreds of wholesale distributors on a monthly or daily basis. Our dynamic, Cloud-based MicroStrategy, reporting system provides detailed and graphical views of your business that will give you an added strategic advantage as you go to market. In addition to relieving you of the cumbersome and tedious burden of gathering data from your distributor network, our system also offers you the ability to:

  • Focus on leveraging information to build your business rather than wasting time chasing data
  • Gain access to complex information that turns the mass of supply chain data into actionable information for every level of your organization
  • Go to market confident that you have accurate and timely information
  • Cultivate fact-based conversations with your distributor partners
  • Pinpoint the opportunities for growth in the retail marketplace nationwide
  • Power your sales team with information that gets profitable results

By utilizing the system, you will be able to:

  • Leverage historical pattern information to recognize new sales opportunities
  • Gain insights by trade channel, geography, and retail account sales
  • Manage inventory to ensure adequate product availability and avoid out-of stocks in the distributor network to support regional and national in-market programs and avoid out-of-stocks

TradePulse handles, integrates, and delivers a variety of beverage alcohol supply chain data types so you have it all at your fingertips.

  • Daily Supplier Shipment data
  • Supplier shipment and depletion goals
  • Daily distributor invoice-level transactions and inventory
  • Monthly distributor depletions, inventory & RAD data
  • NABCA – control state data
  • Competitive retail scan data
  • TDLinx account classification data

Data—Gain Deep Insights

We work in partnership with distributors to collect the data for suppliers, so you can gain a clearer picture and understanding of retail accounts. Our system removes the time-consuming and resource-intensive burden of collecting market data from your sales or back-office team. You can be assured that our proven data management process offers you data in the timeliest manner. Our process ensures your data is:

  • Personalized – We translate distributor information to match your product hierarchy and sales organization.
  • Flexible – We use an open system that allows us to receive more data feeds in a number of industry-standard formats.
  • Adaptable – We maintain an archive of data that allows us to quickly adapt to distributor changes in your network and set up new wholesale customers, ensuring seamless, rapid and non-disruptive distributor transitions. We adapt our system to support your organization as it evolves and grows.
  • Extendable – We exchange data with many standard ERP systems as well as 3rd party systems such as TDLinx so you can have a full view into the supply chain, including shipments, depletions, inventory, and retail sales.
  • Accessible - We house your historical data and deliver it to you when you need it, or we provide data feeds if you wish to archive the data in-house.

Reports—Information at Your Fingertips

Data is just one part of the solution that the Deletion Data and Reporting System can bring to your business. Our industry-leading reports transform the data into useful and actionable business information through a Cloud-based business intelligence platform. We deliver reports that are:

  • Presentation-ready and structured in a way that makes sense for your business
  • Easy-to-use with a point and click interface
  • Available from a comprehensive library of reports built in conjunction with industry experts and highly-tuned for the beverage alcohol industry
  • Preformatted, “out of box” ready for your convenience; and/or
  • Customizable with the TradePulse Ad Hoc Query Tool for power users who prefer to build, schedule, and deliver their own custom reports
  • Mobile-compatible