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TradePulse is Vermont Information Processing, Inc.

Our easy-to-use and cost-effective family of cloud-based tools include:
  • Depletion Data and Reporting System
  • Premium Scan Data (Nielsen)
  • Pricing Manager Application

Depletion Data Collection & Reporting

Focus on building your business by turning complex depletion data into actionable market intelligence. Go to market confidently knowing that you have accurate and timely information. Features include:
  • Cleansed and packaged depletion and retail sales data from your entire distributor network
  • User friendly cloud-based reporting system
  • Distributor data delivered monthly or daily
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Premium Scan Data (Nielsen)

Gain a better understanding of the retail landscape, increase credibility with chain buyers, and compete on more equal footing with larger suppliers through access to our Nielsen reporting platform. Features include:
  • Scan data for all major geographic markets, brands, categories, and price ranges in US grocery, liquor and drug stores
  • Point and click reporting interface
  • Generates presentation ready reports which easily export to PDF or Excel
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Pricing Manager Application

Leverage a single, cloud-based repository for all pricing data, deals, and related information that can be utilized by your entire organization through a convenient web platform.
  • Improve institute control and transparency
  • Streamline the complex three-tier pricing process
  • Gain detailed insights into the financial implications of pricing decisions throughout the supply chain
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