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Pricing Management

The TradePulse Pricing Manager fills a critical void for many suppliers who struggle to maintain market level pricing in tools like Excel. Specifically built to manage market level pricing in the unique beverage alcohol vertical the Pricing Manager produces distributor-ready pricing calendars. Data entry is simplified to only a few inputs with most fields calculated automatically.

Key features:

  • Creates market ready pricing for all unique State pricing requirements
    • Ex: Taxes can be entered at any level (State Tax, Local Tax at Frontline Case or Deal Tax in those jurisdictions that levy taxes against Discounts)
  • Rapid data entry – pricing can be created faster and more accurately than Excel
    • Copy at any level (market calendar, product, or individual deals)
  • Establishes pricing as a centralized corporate asset that can be leveraged by the entire organization
    • Finance – billbacks (deal verification), more accurate accruals, invoicing
    • Business Intelligence – pricing analysis
    • Sales – tighter monitoring of margins vs. budget
  • Improves institutional control with approval workflow, standardized process, and pricing transparency
  • When connected with Sales Goals and/or Sales History blended wholesale margins can be reviewed by market or at any rollup level

Key user inputs:

  • FOB, Depletion Allowance (or SPA), Retail Price, Retail Margin (the remaining fields are calculated)
    • Also allows the user to work backwards from Wholesale Bottle Price rather than Shelf Price
  • Other valuable inputs
    • Deal Percent of Sales – enter in the estimated percent of sales that will likely flow through the deal level to estimate margin impact and rollup to blended margin at Product, Brand, or Wholesaler levels
    • Classify Deals by Trade Channel for higher fidelity billback verification
    • Set Volume Threshold (in cases) for any Deal
    • Set Deals on or off by month (no need to straight-line deals for an entire year)

Key outputs:

  • Pricing Worksheet – compact Excel style view of pricing in tabular format with all key metrics
  • Leverage central pricing repository to automate price posting, ERP, and other systems

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