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Improve your company's information I.Q.
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Gain greater insight into your brands' performance
Understand your competitive landscape
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Win greater mindshare from retail buyers
Quickly identify and capitalize on industry trends

Depletion Data Collection & Reporting

We offer a robust depletion data/reporting system. We have a very large distributor network and hundreds of industry-specific, web-based reports.

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Premium Wine / Spirits / Beer Scan

Premium Wine/Spirits/Beer services deliver the most current, accurate data available on the retail chain marketplace. These products combines the strength of Nielsen’s retail scan data package with TradePulse's powerful and intuitive reporting engine.

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Pricing Management

The Pricing Management Tool is designed to provide a single, company repository for all pricing data, deals, and related information. It provides online access for users across the company to single system which includes calendar and product-based views.

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Customer Relationship Management

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is designed specifically for the wine and spirits marketplace. It integrates with TradePulse and other depletion/sales data.

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Trade Promotion Optimization

This application helps wine and spirits companies plan, organize, track, and measure ROI for customer business plans and promotions. It enables the tracking of promotional spending and delivers output that can be used in fact-based selling to key retail accounts.

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Additional Products & Services

The Gomberg-Fredrikson Report

The Executive Marketing Report of the Wine Industry with California Shipments into Trade Channels, Wine Imports & Exports and Trend Analysis. Includes shipment volumes for all major producers and commentary on the current month’s developments, supported by tables and charts.

WINEDATA Wine Pricing Report

A valuable source of competitive supplier pricing containing comparative Winery and Importer Prices to Wholesalers for more than 13,400 products. WineData is published monthly in both hard copy print and Excel file format.

Distilled Spirits Pricing Monitor

An essential marketing and sales management report covering over 3,600 American and imported distilled spirits prices to wholesalers. Provides vital competitive pricing to support better brand marketing decisions.

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